About Me

I'm a first generation college student who studies computer science from San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently expanding my knowledge at Texas A&M University. My academic pursuits also include a double minor in cybersecurity and statistics, making me a versatile candidate for any job in tech. I actively participate in organizations related to my major, including the Competitive Programming Club, Cybersecurity Club, and Aggie Coding Club. One notable project was "Aggie Transit." Recognizing the challenges of navigating TAMU's vast campus, my team and I set out to revolutionize the available bus tracking apps. Leveraging Swift for creation, Figma for design mockups, and integrating Apple's MapKit and TAMU's bus API, our application offers real-time bus route information, alongside user-friendly features like saving favorite locations and calculating expected travel times. My backend role familiarized me with graph data structures and pathing algorithms, particularly Dijkstra's. This endeavor underscored the value of teamwork, especially as we employed agile methodology using a Kanban board for seamless project management. Beyond school, I honed my software engineering skills during an internship in Aarhus, Denmark, with a startup named Midronome. Founded by Simon Lasnier, this startup quickly gained attention by raising over $150,000 on Kickstarter within months in 2021. They design MIDI clocks to synchronize musicians or instruments with digital audio workstations - a domain I'm passionate about, having been a musician since age 11. My multifaceted role had me testing prototypes, troubleshooting software, and developing features like the Sync File Generator. This tool produces .wav files that transmit pulses to the Midronome, synchronizing it with digital audio workstations for music production. This blend of academic and professional experiences, combined with my genuine love for tech, has shaped me into a versatile software engineer. The invaluable lessons learned, both in team dynamics and technical complexities, have enriched my journey, and I eagerly anticipate furthering these pursuits in the professional sphere.