Real-time 3D Human Body Scanning, Measurement, and Analysis using Kinects + Thermal Sensors

Project Overview

  • We are developing a real-time 3D body scanning system to provide efficient and automatic 3D geometric + thermal body scan.
  • The measurements and analysis on the human body are important tasks in multiple biomedical research tasks. Rather than performing the physical measurements the subject, we aim to efficiently acquire the digital models through real-time body scans upon which various digital measurements and computer-aided analysis can be conducted.
  • We have conducted digital scanning, at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, on 150+ human subjects.
  • One or multiple Microsoft Kinect sensors are used to scan RGB and depth information; a Xenics Gobi 640 long-wave infrared camera is used to scan thermal information.
  • Key Technologies: Fusion and Integration of Multimodal Data; Thermal/Depth Image Registration; Range Image Processing; Occluded/Missing Data Completion..

3D+Thermal Body Scanning (Spring 2018)


3D+Thermal Body Scanning (Spring 2018)


3D Body Scanning (Summer 2013)


Scanned Digital Models


Selected Publications

  1. On-the-fly Extrinsic Calibration of Multimodal Sensing System for Fast 3D Thermographic Scanning,
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  2. Depth and Thermal Sensor Fusion to Enhance 3D Thermographic Reconstruction,
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  4. Clinically-Applicable Optical Imaging Technology for Body Size and Shape Analysis: Comparison of Systems Differing in Design,
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  5. Automated Anthropometric Phenotyping with Novel Kinect-based Three-Dimensional Imaging Method: Comparison to a Reference Laser Imaging System,
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  6. Rapid-Accurate Anthropometric Body Shape Assessment with Low-Cost Novel 3D Imaging System,
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Part of this research was supported by Pennington Biomedical Research Center.



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