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Department of Mathematics

Texas A&M University

The mission of a Math Teachers' Circle is to promote a culture of enjoyment of mathematics problem solving activities among middle and high school teachers with the expectation that they will take the activities and their enthusiasm back to their classrooms. The Brazos Valley Math Teachers' Circle hopes to provide this opportunity to the teachers in the Brazos Valley and provide them a forum where they can meet and discuss curriculum and classroom issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

aTm  Continuing Professional Education Credits will be given for each event.
 CPE Provider #501137

2010-11 Meetings

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We would like to thank:


2010 Organizing Committee:

Philip B. Yasskin  Dept. of Math, Texas A&M Univ.  (979) 845-3734
Caroline Hermann (Jones)  AMCHS, College Station ISD  (979) 764-5500
Carol Tatum  NSF GK-12 Program, Texas A&M Univ.  (979) 690-2332
David Manuel  Dept. of Math, Texas A&M Univ.  (979) 845-4299
Becky Burghardt  College Station ISD  (979) 764-5569
Jamie W. Bassett  AMCHS, College Station ISD  (979) 764-5500
Jerri Roemer  Director Instructional Services, Hearne ISD  (979) 764-5500
Jackie Pomeroy  Madisonville High School, Madisonville ISD  (979) 764-5500
Virginia Woods  Jane Long Middle School, INQUIRE Math, Bryan ISD  (979) 764-5500
Rhonda Elam  Ross Elementary, Bryan ISD  (979) 764-5500

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