3D Gosper Sculptures
Carlo H. Sequin

Hyperseeing: Proceedings of Fabrication and Sculpting Event 2021
Pages 25–40
Regular Papers


Twenty years ago, I presented a recursive procedure to fill 3D Euclidean space with a single path inspired by the 2D Hilbert curve. A finite portion of this path then made an attractive constructivist sculpture. Now I am trying to do corresponding constructions inspired by the 2D Gosper curve. The goal is to create a modular polyline that connects nearest neighbor vertices in the face-centered cubic (FCC) lattice, while favoring the characteristic turning angles of 60 and 120 degrees. A complete recursive solution may not exist; thus the focus is on finite-size, modular sculptures. Promising looking designs are being realized as small sculptural maquettes on different 3D printers.