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The Publication of the international Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture; SUMMER 2022

Proceedings of SMI-SCULPT 2022
Shape Creation Using Layouts, Programs, & Technology (SCULPT)

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Front Matter
Title, History of SCULPT & Prefaces
Ergun Akleman, Oleg Fryazinov, and Carlo H. Sequin
Regular Papers
Partitioning and Assembly of Gosper Sculptures
Carlo H. Sequin
Pages 13-28
3D Printing Hypercomplex FractalsConformal Parametric Microstructure Synthesis for Boundary Representations
Q. Youn Hong, Youngjin Park, Gershon Elber
Pages 29-45
3D Printing Hypercomplex Fractals
Emma Fogarasi, Oleg Fryazinov
Pages 47-56
Short Papers
Turing Reaction-Diffusion -- a World in a Grain of Sand
Alyn Rockwood, Irene Gironacci
Pages 59-64