Conformal Parametric Microstructure Synthesis for Boundary Representations
Q. Youn Hong, Youngjin Park, Gershon Elber

Hyperseeing: Proceedings of Shape Creation Using Layouts, Programs, & Technology (SCULPT) 2022
Pages 29–45
Regular Papers


The use of lattices and microstructures in geometric design have been recognized as potentially superior to solid structures due to the potential benefits in improved strength-to-weight ratios, better control over heat exchange and heat transfer, and so on. In this work, we present a construction scheme to create parametric microstructures in a boundary representation (B-rep) model, M, that are conformal to an arbitrary specification, including the boundary of M. Given a B-rep model, M, either a polygonal or trimmed-spline based, a cage, T, is constructed around M to guide the synthesis of the microstructures in M. Micro-elements are synthesized following T, and verified to be inside M while bridging tiles are added as necessary. These parametric micro-elements can be heterogeneous in their material content, as well as locally vary in their geometric properties. We demonstrate these abilities with example microstructures synthesized from both polygonal B-rep models and spline-based B-rep solids, including 3D printed parts.