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George Berkeley Conference

April 3-5, 2003
Texas A&M University
Station, Texas



Texas A&M University, in collaboration with the International Berkeley Society, will host the world’s foremost conference commemorating the 250th anniversary of the death of the Irish philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753). Like previous Berkeley commemorations in 1953 and 1985, the College Station conference will bring together scholars from around the world.

Schedule of Events

Abstracts will be posted as they become available. Click on paper title for the abstract.

Thursday, April 3

2:30 - 2:35       Welcome, Rick Giardino, Dean of Graduate Studies, Texas A&M University


2:35 - 3:35       Charles McCracken, Michigan State University

Berkeley’s Realism


3:40 - 4:40       Ian Tipton, University of Wales, Swansea
Berkeley on the Meaning of “Exists”


4:50 - 5:50       Daniel Flage, James Madison University
Berkeley’s Epistemic Ontology: The Three Dialogues


5:50 - 7:30       Dinner (on one’s own)


7:30 - 8:15       Michael Ayers, Wadham College, Oxford University
Berkeley, Ideas and Idealism


            8:15 - 9:00       Martha Bolton, Rutgers University

Berkeley and Mental Representation


            9:00                 Reception in conference room

Friday, April 4

            9:00 - 10:00     George Pappas, Ohio State University

Berkeley’s Assessment of Locke’s Epistemology


            10:05 - 11:05   G. A. J. Rogers, University of Keele

How Lockean Are Berkeley’s Ideas?


            11:15 - 12:15   Richard Glauser, University of Neuchâtel

The Problem of the Unity of a Physical Object in Berkeley


12:15               Lunch (on one’s own)


            1:45 - 2:30       Margaret Atherton, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Berkeley on the Objects of Immediate Perception


            2:30 - 3:15       Marc Hight, Hampden-Sydney College

Berkeley and the Single Idea Thesis: Why My Chair is not a Congeries


            3:25 - 4:25       Robert Muehlmann, University of Western Ontario

Strong and Weak Heterogeneity in Berkeley’s New Theory of Vision


            4:35 - 5:20       Ralph Schumacher, Humboldt University of Berlin

Berkeley on Visible Figure and Extension


            5:20 - 6:05       Jeffrey Barnouw, University of Texas, Austin

Berkeley’s Place in the History of Sign-Theories of Visual Perception


            6:15 - 7:00       Phillip Cummins, University of Iowa

Principles 7: Perceiving and Berkeley’s Theory of Substance


            7:00 - 7:45       Talia Bettcher, California State University, Los Angeles

Berkeley on Self-Consciousness


            7:45                 Dinner (on one’s own)

Saturday, April 5

            9:00 - 10:00     Bertil Belfrage, Bodafors, Sweden

Berkeley’s Four Conceptions of the Self


            10:05 - 10:50   Stephen Daniel, Texas A&M University

Berkeley’s Stoic Notion of Mind


            10:50 - 11:35   Costica Bradatan, University of Durham

Platonism and Berkeley’s Early Philosophical Writings


            11:45 - 12:30   Geneviève Brykman, University of Paris, Nanterre

The Debate on Human Liberty in Berkeley’s Alciphron


            12:30 - 1:15     Laurent Jaffro, University of Paris, Sorbonne

Berkeley’s Criticism of Shaftesbury on Morality


            1:15                 Lunch (on one’s own)


            2:45 - 3:30       Douglas Jesseph, North Carolina State University

Faith and Fluxions: Berkeley on Theology and Mathematics


            3:30 - 4:15       Roomet Jakapi, University of Tartu

Christian Mysteries and Berkeley’s Alleged Non-Cognitivism


            4:30 - 5:15       Timo Airaksinen, University of Helsinki

The Meaning and Interpretation of Berkeley’s Siris


            5:20 - 6:05       Wolfgang Breidert, University of Karlsruhe

Berkeley Poetized


            6:15 - 7:00       Sébastien Charles, University of Sherbrooke

Berkeley and the Lumières: Misconception and Reconstruction


7:15                 Cash Bar Opens (Faculty Club)

7:45                 Banquet (Faculty Club)

Conference Site: All sessions will be held at Texas A&M University in Rudder Tower, Room 401 (Thursday-Friday) and Room 701 (Saturday). The conference banquet will be held on Saturday night at the Texas A&M University Faculty Club in Rudder Tower.

Travel: College Station is served by Continental Airlines via Houston and American Airlines via Dallas-Fort Worth. College Station is located 100 miles from Houston, 175 miles from Dallas-Fort Worth, and 100 miles from Austin.

Lodging: Accommodations are available at the Memorial Student Center Hotel adjacent to Rudder Tower (non-smoking rooms only). Although most conference participants will be staying at the MSC, attendees can also make reservations at the Kiva Inn (off-campus, one mile from the conference site). The Kiva Inn provides shuttle service to Rudder Tower and the airport. When making reservations, indicate that you are with the Philosophy or Berkeley Conference.

MSC: two double beds ($50-$60/night; $5 additional person). Phone: 979-845-8909; FAX 979-862-4414

Kiva Inn: two double beds or one king size ($59/night). Phone: 979-846-7333; FAX 979-846-5479

Registration and Banquet: There is a US$25 conference registration fee (to help cover the expense of refreshments at each session) and an additional US$25 banquet charge. The $25 registration fee is waived for Texas A&M University faculty and students; the cost of the banquet at the Faculty Club is $15 for TAMU students, $25 for all others (including TAMU faculty). Early conference registration is encouraged; late registration (non-banquet option) will be available on site. Payment for banquet reservations must be received no later than March 31. Make checks payable to TAMU-Philosophy Department and mail to:

Stephen H. Daniel

Department of Philosophy

Texas A&M University

College Station, TX 77843-4247

When you register, be sure to include your name, address, affiliation, and e-mail address, and indicate if you prefer a vegetarian option for the banquet.

For further information about the conference and accommodations, contact:

Stephen H. Daniel
Department of Philosophy
Texas A&M University
Station, TX 77843-4237

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Major funding for this conference is provided by the Texas A&M University Office of Graduate Studies, the Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research at Texas A&M, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Franklin J. Matchette Foundation. Additional support comes from the Departments of Philosophy, English, Communication, Mathematics, and History, the University Honors Program, the Religious Studies Program, the Political Theory Convocation, the International Berkeley Society, and Professor John J. McDermott.

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