Aerosol Chemistry & Climate Impacts

Dr. Yue Zhang and his group in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M work to understand air quality and climate by examining the chemical and physical transformations of tiny, but important aerosol particles that are ubiquitous in the air.


Dr. Zhang's lab is recuriting a postodcotral fellow working on topics connecting aerosol chemistry, physicochemical properties, mass spectrometry, environmental chamber, and aerosol-cloud interactions. Recruitment ad is here. Review of applications will start on May 30th.

Dr. Zhang's lab is awarded with a federal grant as the Co-lead PI from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to measure air toxins.

Dr. Zhang was awarded with the DOE EMSL Large Scale Research Grant! News report by the College of Geoscience.

A multi-university collaborative NSF project Dr. Zhang leads is reported by Texas A&M Today and UNC Gilings News!

Dr. Zhang is co-conveying a AGU session with Dr. Maria Zawadowicz on the topic of secondary organic aerosols, aqueous phase reactions, and aerosol-cloud interactions.

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Dr. Yue Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Email: yuezhang (at)


1005 Eller Oceanography & Meteorology Building (Eller O&M)

Texas A&M University

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