This is the final report of the freshman mathematics component of the Foundation Coalition at Texas A&M University. It exists as both a Web display and a paper document. The paper version includes some additional hard-copy material that could not be easily digitized; on the other hand, the hypertext organization of the electronic version is largely lost on paper.

The report consists of two major parts. The first comprises the syllabi and course materials that were provided to the students during the final semester of the pilot program, Spring 1998. (These materials were intended to supplement the assigned textbooks, Calculus (3rd ed.) by J. Stewart and CalcLabs with Maple V by A. Boggess et al.; the reader may wish to have at least the first of these on hand while studying the report.) The second part is a record of a particular classroom implementation of this curriculum, spanning Fall 1997 and Spring 1998. It includes details of lectures, classroom exercises, quizzes, etc., and also commentary on occasional deviations between plans and results.

Our Web was built, tested, and used with Netscape Navigator (3.0 or higher); we can't guarantee that it will work with other browsers. Unfortunately, it was developed before MathML became available, so some of the more complicated mathematical parts were written in TeX and require either a DVI viewer or Adobe Acrobat to be seen. Similarly, most of the graphics are either nonexistent or not well integrated with the text. Our goal has been to get as much as possible of the pedagogy finished before worrying about the fine points of presentation.

July, 1998