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The Publication of the international Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture; SUMMER 2020
Proceedings of SMI'2021 Fabrication and Sculpting Event (FASE)
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Front Matter
History of FASE
Ergun Akleman
Fabrication and Sculpting Event 2021
Oleg Fryazinov and Carlo H. Sequin
Regular Papers
Construction based on Regular and Semi-regular Tiling via Functional Composition
Sumita Dahiya, Avi Shein, Gershon Elber
Pages 12-23
3D Gosper Sculptures
Carlo H. Sequin
Pages 25-40
Dithering by Wires of Orthogonal Images
Firas Habib, Sagit Asman, Gershon Elber
Pages 41-54
Short Papers
Construction of Planar and Symmetric Truss Structures with Interlocking Edge Elements
Anantha Natarajan, Jiaqi Cui, Ergun Akleman, Vinayak Krishnamurthy.
Pages 57-64
Positive Genus Space-Filling Tiles
Ergun Akleman, Vinayak Krishnamurthy, Chia-An Fu, Courtney Starrett, Sai Ganesh Subramanian, Doyeon Kim, Nicholas Cropper, Mathew Ebert.
Pages 65-68