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Modeling and Simulation with PDEs

Undergraduate Summer School

May 20 — 31, 2024


May 20 — 31, 2024


The summer school will introduce undergraduate students to the topics of mathematical modeling with partial differential equations (PDEs) and the numerical solution of PDEs with various discretization techniques. The first part of the summer school will consist of lectures and practical sessions covering the material. The second part will center around group projects for modeling real-world problems.

If you have any questions about the summer school structure, please contact Matthias Maier (

Target audience

Highly motivated, advanced undergraduate students (typically juniors / seniors) with an interest in mathematical modeling, numerical analysis and scientific computation.

Participant support

Participating students will be provided with on-campus housing, meal vouchers, and subsidized travel to and from College Station.


The summer school is supported by the following agencies and institutions: