National Science Foundation (NSF) - Grant 1602236

Real-Time Feedback-Enabled Simulation Modeling of Dynamic Construction Processes

The objective of this project is to create next generation construction decision support systems capable of autonomously learning from and adapting to evolving field operations, extracting process-level knowledge from ubiquitous sensor data using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, and generating computer-interpretable simulation input models that describe relationships, interactions, and uncertainty attributes of field processes. Such models will be used to describe, model, analyze, and project the uncertainties of construction systems at any point in time and consequently help adjust resource allocations and operational scenarios on the jobsite.




National Science Foundation (NSF) - Grant 1712070

Transforming Teaching of Structural Analysis through Mobile Augmented Reality

The objective of this collaborative project is to transform existing teaching pedagogy in structural analysis by designing and testing a mobile augmented reality (AR) platform that superimposes views of the diagrams and visuals of the textbook with interactive computer generated 3D models of structures under load. In doing so, the potential of AR for improving learning and increasing student engagement in the learning process is systematically assessed.




National Science Foundation (NSF) - Grant 1603648

Strategies for Learning: Augmented Reality and Collaborative Problem-Solving for Building Sciences

The objective of this collaborative project is to integrate augmented reality (AR) with building information modeling (BIM), visual simulations, and interactive lessons using a design-based research approach to support collaborative learning. Of particular interest is the prospect of deploying interactive learning modules to improve students' problem-solving and collaborative learning skills, aimed at ultimately facilitating the design of more sustainable and better performing buildings.