National Science Foundation (NSF) - Award 2222091

FW-HTF-P: Assistive Artificial Intelligence for Diversifying and Reskilling the Disaster Management Workforce of the Future

The objective of this project is to increase disaster management job opportunities through connecting residents, community leaders, and state and local authorities. The research will result in new knowledge in how human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) can transform the disaster management profession by contributing to the diversification and reskilling of the workforce, ultimately augmenting human capacities, and leading to culturally sensitive teams and equitable disaster management practices.




National Science Foundation (NSF) - Award 2131865

Workshop Series on the Next Generation Learning-Centered Environment for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Education

The objective of this collaborative workshop series is to explore questions, such as what does the next generation learning-centered environment look like for AEC education? and what is the role of emerging technologies in shaping the environment? The two workshops will be organized in collaboration with ASCE and ASEE. The main expected outcome is a shared vision of the next generation learning-centered environment, including its characteristics, grand challenges and opportunities, and a roadmap for research and implementation.




National Science Foundation (NSF) - Award 1956021

CHS: Bio-Behavioral Data Analytics to Enable Personalized Training of Veterans for the Future Workforce

The objective of this project is to create new knowledge and perform AI-enabled data analytics to help remove implicit bias and misconceptions against combat veterans and prepare them for interviewing for civilian positions in the future workforce. This will be achieved by quantifying measures of moment-to-moment stress based on vocalizations, visual expressions, and physiological reactivity. The resulting personalized training system can assist veterans in effectively engaging with the interviewer and coping with stress during the interview.




National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Texas Sea Grant - Award NA18OAR4170088

A Hybrid Decision Support System for Driving Resiliency in Texas Coastal Communities

The objective of this project is to augment flood management practices in Texas coastal communities through citizen science, artificial intelligence (AI), decision science, and cyberinfrastructure. The tangible outcome of this work is a mobile app (with built-in AI and GIS) that takes crowdsourced data, calculates flood risk, and estimates floodwater depth at the street-level at no cost. Generated data are then incorporated in a CyberGIS spatial decision support system (SDSS) to assist in decision-making.