Center for Clinical Research at Texas Heart Institute

- Organized logs of patient profiles, data of several current ongoing research
- Logged patient data for the Seneca Protocol Pre-screening, recorded the comments and reasons why the subjects were not able to participate in the program
- Handled and organized tissue samples of implanted Left Ventricle, Aortic and explanted Left Ventricle, Right ventricle and Septum for Taegtmeyer Study
- Answered and transferred phone calls for Stem Cell Center

Official Website: Center for Clinical Research

Cinque Terre

Organ Repair and Regeneration Research laboratory at Texas Heart Institute

- Learned how to process and embed specimens in paraffin, section on a microtome, and performed routined histological stains.
- Gathered data from slides of tissue and interpreted those data.
- Analyzed stained slides and gave a formal presentation to the laboratory.

Official Website: Organ Repair and Regeneration Research laboratory

Cinque Terre