Mathematics 151, Sections 513-515, Fall 2011

Engineering Mathematics I

(more commonly known as first-semester calculus)

Last updated Mon 5 Dec 2011

Announcements (reverse chronological order)

Course ``handout'' (syllabus) (This contains detailed information about class times, grading policies, etc.)
Please see my home page for up-to-date office hours.

Home page for the entire course (Go here for additional detailed information about policies that affect all of Math 151.)
Approximate weekly schedule

WebAssign on-line homework system
Information about WebAssign and the electronic textbook (You have already paid for the e-book through the course fee. You get access to if through the WebAssign system.)

Maplets home page
Lab schedule

Week in Review and Help Session schedules
Help Sessions for Math 151 (and 131 and 171): Sunday-Thursday 8-10 p.m., BLOC 166

Common exam room schedule
You are required to bring four 815E Scan-Trons in advance. Bring these to Mr. Kogan ASAP.
Past common exams for practice

Class home page from the last time I taught this course (That semester my section was on-line, so procedures will be different this time. However, my lectures will probably follow closely the projector slides that are there.)

Lecture slides so far

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