Working Papers

Czechoslovakia, 1994

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  2. "Voting on Redistribution with Retaining Top Talent," (with Darong Dai), March, 2023. pdf.
  3. "Participation Constraints in First-Price Auctions,” (with Xiaoyong Cao, Shao-Chieh Hsueh and Wei Wang), September, 2022/revised April, 2023. pdf.
  4. "Relativity, Inequality, and Optimal Taxation of Internationally Mobile Top Incomes," (with Darong Dai), June, 2022/revised March, 2023. pdf.
  5. "Voting over Selfishly Optimal Income Tax Schedules with Participation Constraints," (with Darong Dai), December, 2022. pdf.
  6. "Reputation and Liability in Experience Goods Markets with Imperfect Monitoring," (with Yizheng Chen and Jingkui Li), June, 2022. Economics Letters, 220 (2022), Article 110854. pdf.
  7. "Stability and Efficiency in Dynamic Matching with Transfers," (with Yizheng Chen), October, 2019/revised September, 2022. pdf.
  8. "Optimal Interregional Redistribution and Local Budget Rules with Multidimensional Heterogeneity," (with Darong Dai), February, 2021/revised December, 2021. Review of Economic Design, 27 (2023), 79-124. pdf.
  9. "Optimal Regional Insurance Provision: Do Federal Transfers Complement Local Debt?" (with Darong Dai, Weige Huang and Liqun Liu), September, 2019/revised December, 2021. Journal of Economics, 137 (2022), 35-80. pdf.
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  13. "On Responsiveness of Two Competing Mechanisms to Affirmative Action in School Choice,” (with Zhenhua Jiao and Ziyang Shen), October, 2016/revised August, 2019. pdf.
  14. "Relativity, Mobility, and Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation in an Open Economy," (with Darong Dai and Wenzheng Gao), April, 2017/revised January, 2020. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 172 (2020), 57-82. pdf.
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  23. "On Risk Compensation to Prudent Decision Maker," (with Yougong Tian), ", January, 2016/revised December, 2016.pdf.
  24. "Characterizing Higher-Order Ross More Risk Aversion by Comparison of Risk Compensation," (with Yougong Tian), ", August, 2016/revised November, 2016.pdf.
  25. "Toward Longer Investment: Is an Inclusive Regime Always Better than an Authoritarian One?" (with Darong Dai), September, 2015/revised December, 2020. Economic Modelling, 98 (2021), 41–68. pdf.
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  27. "Efficiency and Respecting Improvements in College Admissions," (with Zhenhua Jiao), ", December, 2014/revised July, 2017. pdf.
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  57. "Implementation in Economies with Non-Convex Production Technologies Unknown to the Designer," September, 2003/fincal reversion: May, 2008/published in Games and Economic Behavior, 2010 pdf.
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  59. "Implementation for Production Economies with Increasing Returns," 2003/published in Mathematical Social Sciences, 2005. pdf.
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  61. "Time Inconsistency and Reputation in Monetary Policy: A Strategic Model in Continuous Time," 2001. pdf.
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  81. "Generalizations of the Fan-Knaster-Kuratowski-Mazurkiewicz Theorem and the Ky-Fan Minimax Inequality," 1989.

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